With the success of the Rachet and Clank Reboot, it is time to bring Playstation’s other buddy pair, Jak and Daxter, into the current generation.

The Jak and Daxter series was one of Naughty Dogs’ successful franchises on the PlayStation. Jak and Daxter’s first game, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, was released in 2001. The series is set in a rich, unique world full of interesting characters, dynamic storylines, and a charming duo at the helm of the series. While starting as a fun, charming 3rd person platformer in a vibrant world evolved into a gritter open-world shooter with distinctive action set pieces.

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A reboot of the Jak and Daxter would be a welcome return for the PlayStation pair. It would fit nicely among Sony’s other successful franchises. They are not the only PlayStation franchise that deserves a spot at a reboot. Sly Cooper was another fan-favorite franchise that is a little overdue for a well-developed reboot.  Both franchises would be greeted with open arms from fans if they were to be rebooted.

10 Sly Cooper: The Last Game Was Made Over 8 Years Ago

Sly-Cooper-thieves-in-times Cropped

Sly Cooper has had a varied run of titles throughout the years. The first game was released in 2002 and garnered enough success to release three sequels. The most recent entry to the franchise, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, brought Sly cooper to the PlayStation 3 with updated graphics but keeping their previous entries’ platformer style of gameplay.

The only bit of recent news of Sly Cooper was the plans of an animated movie being released after the Ratchet and Clank Movie. However, the film is shelved at the moment, and only some whispers of a TV show have been rumored. Perhaps a new game my reinvigorate audiences in the Sly Cooper franchise.

9 Jak And Daxter: The Last Game Was Made In 2009

Jak and Daxter gearing up in the Wasteland

Though Sly Cooper may have had a more recent entry, Jak and Daxter have not had a full game since 2009. The Jak and Daxter series has had a string of successful sequels in Jak II, Jak 3, and the surprisingly fun racing game Jak X.

Jak and Daxter had a few minor PSP games released after Jax X to less than stellar reviews. Then the only updates to the games have been full HD collections released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, respectively. Given how long it has been since a full game was released, PlayStation would be the prime time to reboot the series to stand alongside Ratchet and Clank.

8 Sly Cooper: Sucker Punch Productions Has Been On A Roll

Every Min Sucker Punch Productions Character

Sucker Punch Productions were the original developers of the Sly Cooper Trilogy. It was their first commercially successful Game franchise, and it allowed them to grow alongside Sony in PlayStations growing success. Sucker Punch Productions have developed the Infamous series, and they have been in the spotlight recently with their success of Ghost of Tsushima.

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With these series alone, Sucker Punch Productions have solidified themselves as more than capable of being at the helm of a Sly Cooper Reboot. The Sly Cooper Series brings so much potential to the development studios and could lead to even more original projects in the future.

7 Jak And Daxter: Naughty Dog Has Been At The Forefront For PlayStation

Naughty Dog Logo with mascots

Naughty Dog is a well-established development team for Sony. Naughty Dog has developed two major PlayStation Franchises in the Uncharted series and The Last of Us series for the past three generations. Both series have been hallmark series for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. They Have even secured an Uncharted film and a Last of Us TV series.

With Naughty Dog hitting home runs as of late, it would be an optimal time to bring in the Jak and Daxter series to the latest generation. It could create an opportunity for Naughty Dog to expand on the series even more if done well.

6 Sly Cooper: The Character Designs Would Be A Welcome Return Today

Sly Cooper and his Crew

There is something so classic about the cell shading style that works so well in games, and Sly Cooper is no exception. Sucker Punch Productions wanted to create a cartoon look but maintain a somewhat serious tone.

Sly Cooper also stands out in unique character designs. Every character, every enemy, every villain has an incredibly distinct character design that no two characters look the same. Making a reboot today but maintaining that fun and unmistakable character design would make a breath of fresh air into the market today.

5 Jak And Daxter: The Chemistry Between Jak And Daxter Would Be Refreshing To See

Daxter Contemplating Him and Jak's next move

You cannot go wrong with a classic buddy duo, and Jak And Daxter execute that duo perfectly. In the first game, Jak was mute for the entire game; thus, he relied on facial expression to communicate with Daxter, the group’s main talker. In the second game, Jak miraculously began talking. Soon after, he and Daxter would have full-on conversations with other characters.

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From this point on, Jak and Daxter had a classic bromance. They would make jokes with one another, they would argue about doing something dangerous, and they would calm the other down if they ever got riled up. There are not many light-hearted buddy games nowadays, so having them return would be invigorating to see.

4 Sly Cooper: The Level Designs Were Remarkable Then And Would Be Today

Sly Cooper in Paris France in front of a night club

When creating the game, Sucker Punch Productions wanted the game to occur in real-world locations and wanted those locations to feel lived in. Thus, in the Original Trilogy, most of the locations were based on real cities such as Paris or the Kunlun Mountains in China.

Each Level also was these large open concepts with multiple liner sublevels spread out through each main level. Each concept was unique, striking, diverse, and varied enough so that every new section felt like an entirely new world to sneak around in. Bringing that same idea in a reboot today would allow for some new and fresh levels that would be enhanced today.

3 Jak And Daxter: The World Of Jak And Daxter Is Like No Other

Ashelin and Tron Traversing in Haven City

Much like other game worlds, such as Legend of Zelda or Dark Souls, Jak And Daxter have this incredibly extraordinary world. It is an unnamed world, but it contains these rich and dynamic locations. The first game has this fantasy fell but with brass technologies of hoverbikes and robots and in the following games taking place in this more futuristic version with cars, guns, computers but still maintaining this fantasy style.

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Seeing the world of Jak and Daxter for today’s console generation would be an incredible sight to see. There are many opportunities to expand on the world, make it more dynamic, or make the world filled with unique NPC’s to interact with. With so much potential for this world in the reboot, it is hard to pass up.

2 Sly Cooper: An Opportunity For A Fully Realized Heist Game

Sly Cooper Traversing with Carmelita Fox

Sly Cooper is a thief, a master thief in fact who specializes in stealing from other criminals. The games always centered around stealth being the biggest factor and started to incorporate heist-style missions with breakdowns of the level, stealing, and the obstacles/sub-missions the crew needed to take care of first.

The reboot has a chance to go all-in on this heist game. Puls being able to swap characters for different missions depending if you need brains, brawn, or thieving skills for a mission is always a blast.

1 Jak And Daxter: The Revamp Of The Combat Would Be Spectacular

jak and daxter fleeing and shooting on aircraft through city

Though combat did not become a centerpiece until Jak II, it quickly became one of the best parts of the Jak and Daxter series. Each gun was unique and provided a varied enough experience to keep the combat enjoyable.

Imagine the potential in the reboot, though. There could be a great opportunity to add entirely new combat mechanics and even create a gun loot system similar to Borderlands. Plus, the game always moved towards a more gritter style, so combat revamps right up their alley.

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