There are a ton of great racing games out there. New installments come out regularly and if you happen to own an Xbox One then you’ll have a pretty wide catalog of titles that’s been released since the console came out. In this particular list, we’re going to be highlighting some of the very best games out there that can put you in control of a motorcycle. From specific motorcycle racing games to titles that feature a motorcycle for transportation, here are some of the very best on the Microsoft Xbox One console platform.

#8 Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is quite the iconic video game franchise and it’s not one that’s based around strictly racing. It’s a criminal-themed game where players are venturing through a narrative of a thug trying to grow his criminal empire or someone looking to break free. However, all of these games typically feature a nice open-world environment. The latest installment happens to be Grand Theft Auto V where we got a large Los Santos city to explore. Likewise, you will have quite a few different motorcycle vehicles to pick from as well whether it’s purchasing a motorcycle outright or stealing one. There’s even Grand Theft Auto Online which offers some additional mix of motorcycles you can race around the city streets with.

#7 Road Redemption

Do you remember the old Road Rash video game series? It was a title that brought out a wacky racing game where you’re barreling down the roads while being able to attack competitor racers as they got near you. With Road Redemption, we received a spiritual successor to that franchise. This title is very much just like Road Rash, where players are racing down the streets and having to use different melee weapons, guns, to outright punching or kicking competitors that get near them. Meanwhile, there are police officers to avoid, other competitors, trying to knock you down from your bike, and of course a race to win. It’s an arcade game that should be checked out if you haven’t already picked up a copy.

#6 MX VS ATV All Out

If you enjoy the more offroad motorcycle racing-style games then you might find some enjoyment with MX VS ATV All Out. The MX VS ATV series has been around for a good little while now where players can race around different dirt terrain tracks. While you’re getting a variety of offroad bikes, UTVs, and ATVs, this game will allow players to make some useful upgrades so that whatever their riding will prove to be a bit more performance-ready when the time comes to hit the track for the next competitive race. Another aspect of this game that might have fans interested is tricks. Not only can you race around but you can string up a few different types of tricks in the air.

#5 The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is quite a popular racing game in general rather than it being exclusively just centered around motorcycles. This Ubisoft title has players going through a race across the United States and while not every area of the country is represented, there are plenty of iconic cities. You’ll get to hit some of the different recreations of certain areas around the United States as you compete in different races or just by freely roaming around. As mentioned, The Crew 2 doesn’t strictly focus on motorcycles. Instead, this game allows players to transform what they are racing around in from a car, boat, plane, to a motorcycle. As mentioned, because this game featured a scaled-down version of the United States, you’ll find a few different types of terrain you can race around in. This could be anything from a city to more offroad areas.

#4 Trials Rising

The Trials games have been quite popular for a few years now. This series is all about physics-based racing. Here we’re given a side view of the world as you attempt to navigate a motorcycle around the different obstacles. It’s all about knowing how to successfully drive over objects and make jumps perfectly. If not you’ll easily topple over and it will throw players back to a previous checkpoint. You can think of this game as a bit of a puzzle as you’ll have to carefully figure out the best way to maneuver your bike to progress forward. Meanwhile, there are races as well so not only are you having to race around the obstacles and difficult levels to reach the end but you’ll have to do it faster than anyone else. If you haven’t played the Trials game yet then you might want to dive into Trials Rising as it’s the latest installment available in the marketplace today.

#3 Ride 4

If you’re interested in more traditional motorcycle racing experiences then there is Ride 4. This is a game series that comes from developers Milestone srl who are known for delivering racing games in general. With Ride 4, you’ll get to race around dozens of tracks with several hundred bikes. You’ll have dynamic weather, a day and night cycle, along online races that you can take part in. The development team has also been bringing out different DLC packs which come with more bikes. These can range from different markets as well so if you’re after European or Japanese bikes then they are available. Of course, this is not an arcade-style racing game so you can expect a bit of realism and a learning curve to go through some of the competitive races or online competitions. At any rate, the Ride series has been a popular one and with Ride 4 being released back in 2020 you’ll find an active community.

#2  TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2

When it comes to motorcycle racing, there are some dangerous courses out there. However, one of the most brutally difficult courses that thrill-seekers and skilled racers can take on is Snaefell Mountain. The TT Isle of Man is quite the event to behold and watching it take place can leave viewers at the edge of their seats from all the tight roadways and turns. Racers need to be aware of what’s coming up and it wasn’t too surprising that there was a video game adaptation based around this iconic course. Now can take part in TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 which further enhances the overall experience and mechanics. You’ll of course have other courses to race around and perfect before you attempt this behemoth of a track.

#1 MotoGP 21

Lastly, we have the MotoGP series or more specifically MotoGP 21. This is the latest installment for the Grand Prix motorcycle racing video game franchise and much like Ride, this title comes from the development team Milestone srl. You’ll find that this is a racing simulation game where not only are you racing around different courses but you’ll be managing your team as well. There’s a lot to keep in track for your bike and its performance which is similar to more traditional car racing games. You’ll have areas like your brakes, tires, and fuel while also making adjustments to ensure that you’re in a more competitive state to take on your components. As the name suggests, this is a game that will follow the 2021 MotoGP season and if you’re already a fan of the sport then chances are you’ve already been enjoying the different video games that have come out for this franchise. If not, the latest installment can be picked up right now for the Xbox One.

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