The Nintendo Switch Pro is looking more and more like the real deal following various leaks, rumors and reports.

Bloomberg recently reported that the new system would launch this Fall, and that we’d see an announcement prior to E3. Nintendo often releases a big Nintendo Direct before E3 officially kicks off—or at least at the very outset of the show—and a big hardware announcement would be the cherry on top. Then again, the announcement could come even sooner according to reports, so that the reveal doesn’t overshadow the games themselves.

Now, another leak joins the evidence pile. Users in Mexico have discovered a New Nintendo Switch Pro listing on Amazon’s Mexican website:

The new Nintendo Switch Pro will reportedly be more powerful than the base model and include a higher-resolution OLED screen. Given that the OG Switch is now 4 years old (crazy, I know) the need for a refresh with better hardware and a nicer screen makes sense.

Of course, the only thing I really want from a new Switch are better Joy-Con controllers. My wishlist is complete fantasy, however. I don’t really care about better graphics, I want better frame-rates. I want controllers that fit adult hands better and—more than anything—don’t drift (I realize you can buy third-party controllers to solve the size complaint).

Joy-Con drift is a deal breaker for me. I barely ever play on the Switch these days for that reason alone. It’s honestly one of the most egregious failures in modern gaming tech but we rarely hear about it for some reason. If the Switch Pro doesn’t fix Joy-Con drift I see no reason to buy one, even with a prettier screen and beefier processing power.

Whether this Amazon Mexico leak is real or fake or an error remains to be seen, but all signs point to a big announcement soon. Hopefully Nintendo pairs its hardware reveal with some cool new games and some news on the mysterious Metroid game.

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