Studio Wildcard is just a few hours away from launching the final piece of DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved. Make sure you know when the expected release time of Ark Genesis Part 2 is on all platforms.

Although this will be Ark: Survival Evolved’s final piece of DLC, the game is still far from over. This fifth and final DLC will add plenty of content to keep players going for a long time. Check out what’s included in Genesis Part 2 at the link below.

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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer



ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer





Ark: Genesis Part 2

If you’re an owner of the official Ark: Genesis Season Pass, you will have had full access to Part 1 of the Genesis DLC and you’ll also be receiving Part 2 when it launches later today (June 2).

Part 1 of Ark: Genesis, players awoke in virtual simulation and must survive in a strange world never seen before. Now, in Part 2 of Genesis, players will emerge into a vast new physical world teeming with strange biomes and exotic creatures. There’s plenty of new creatures, missions, weapons, and items for players to discover in this final piece of the Genesis story.

Make sure you pick up the Genesis Season Pass to jump into Ark: Genesis Part 2 today (June 2) to discover new story orientated missions, expansive worlds to conquer, strange new creatures, and powerful new gear.

Ark: Genesis Part 2 – Release Time

So, what time will Ark: Genesis Part 2 release? Unfortunately, Studio Wildcard haven’t given an official release time for the final piece of DLC.

The Product Manager for Ark: Survival Evolved released a statement on Twitter stating the following:

“In regards to launch timeframe: We’re on track but we’d like to confirm a few things with the build before we broadcast a precise time. We’ll let Ced (our CM) know when we’re ready to socialise deployment times and he’ll share that with y’all.”

We can however take an educated guess based on the release time of Genesis Part 1. Using this information, we expect Genesis Part 2 to release at the following times.


6:30PM PT (June 2) | 9:30PM ET (June 2) | 2:30AM BST (June 3)

Xbox & PlayStation

Unfortunately for console players waiting for Genesis Part 2, expect a bit of a longer wait time as the support team for Studio Wildcard said this regarding the release time.

“It will be released on all platforms but there will likely be time between PC and console. I don’t know the exact time but I’d estimate a 6-8 hour difference.”

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