Borderlands 3 Updates: It has been a long time, and finally after almost a year and half, Borderlands 3 is getting a crossplay. The crossplay would be between Xbox, PC, and many more devices. There is an update that will go live for the players, and this rather anticipated update will allow Borderlands players to team up with their mates in a totally different way.

Now the players who have different consoles would also be able to play with each other. But the most astonishing fact is that PlayStation will not participate in this crossplay update. The publisher of this game, 2K Games, wanted that the developers should remove the crossplay support for all PlayStation consoles. PS users would be extremely disappointed with this decision and would feel like they have been left out.

Borderlands 3 About To Get A Crossplay

This game is all about cooperation and teamwork. There are many features here, like the split-screen cooperative action, the support for online multiplayer etc. This game has been totally made to engage people with each other. They need to participate and play together.

Players have been waiting since September 2019 for a crossplay feature. When it was released, 2K Games didn’t promise a future crossplay feature though. Till now, Borderlands 3 looked as if it was totally out of the gamers ecosystem, with less flexibility. Looks like now it is totally changing.

The CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, said that an update for Borderlands 3 is on the cards, and is going to roll out soon for the players. This update would contain crossplay support for many platforms. PlayStation consoles would be kept away from the crossplay support though. Pitchford explained that it was a requirement from the publisher. Though he didn’t explain much, it is clear that something is not right between Sony and 2K Games, and they should sort it all out as soon as possible.

There may be a time when PlayStation gets this support as well, but for now, the users of the PlayStation have simply been ignored and left out. This could send a real negative message to all the Sony users, which could then affect the sales of this game as well. That said, the companies should always try to maintain a positive environment in the whole ecosystem, in order to keep the growth of the community steady.

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