Mr Atkinton then told Pc Monk to “f— off”, he told the court. 

Recalling what the ex-footballer had told him after the failed first cartridge, he said: “I’m going to finish what I started”. 

“And then went up to the door of the porch. Pulled his fist back and punched the glass of the door.”

It was after this the second Taser cartridge was fired by Pc Monk, but this also failed. 

He told Birmingham Crown Court: “My fear was going through the roof. I was absolutely terrified. 

“It was the second time I’d fired a weapon I thought would work. I was just thinking, we’re done for. 

“I had no real grasp of what was going on. In my mind they would be there in a minute. 

“But I knew it takes six minutes from the station. In reality, it could’ve been anywhere between five to six minutes.”

After the second failed Taser, he told he court he and Pc Bettley-Smith had run away from Mr Atkinson again. 

“It struck absolute fear in me because the crew was so far away,” he said.

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