Pc Benjamin Monk is being cross-examined by Alexandra Healy QC for the crown. Below is their back-and-forth. 

Ms Healy will be denoted as “CPS”, and Pc Monk as “Monk”.

CPS: At stage, had Mr Atkinson touched you?

Monk: No 

CPS: Had he at any stage laid a finger on Miss Bettley-Smith?

Monk: No 

CPS: But on two separate occasion, you said you had had to run for your lives? 

Monk: Correct

CPS: And on those two occasions, do you agree that on your version of events he’d never pursued you for more than a second or two?

Monk: No, wouldn’t agree with that. Distance wise, it was the length of the drive and marginally into the road. 

CPS: So from front door, the length of the drive and into the road?

Monk: That’s the first one.

CPS: The second?

Monk: I’ve got less of a memory of that. He came after us and then stopped at the pillar. 

CPS: From the front door and then marginally into the road. That can’t have been more than a second or two. 

Monk: I can’t tell you what the time is. 

CPS: But you were running for lives?

Monk: Correct

CPS: But he was certainly not on your version of events, pursuing you with any determined vigour. 

Monk: I don’t agree

CPS: He stopped at the pillar. So you stand by do you, that you having run for your lives?

Monk: Completely, yes. 

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