Codemasters has added the Xbox Series X fridge to its off-road racing game Dirt 5.

The Xbox Series X Fridge is available for use in Playgrounds, Dirt 5’s custom arena creator mode.

It’s been added to the game as part of the ‘Power Your Memes’ pack for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members on Xbox and PC.

“In any Playgrounds event type, owners of this pack will be able to use the fridge as part of their creations – as a trackside landmark, an obstacle to drift around, a huge prop to jump over, or whatever you can think of!” Codemasters said.

“In Discover mode, all Xbox and Windows Store players of Dirt 5 will be able to view, download, and race on Playgrounds that use the fridge. Look out for incredible user-created maps that make full use of this huge new addition.”

The Power Your Memes pack also features three new and exclusive liveries, including one each for the BMW M2 Competition, Sodicars Racing BV6, and Jimco Unlimited Class 1.

Dirt 5 has added the Xbox Series X fridge to its custom arena creator mode

Xbox Series X fridges have been a running joke among Xbox fans ever since the console was first revealed in December 2019, which led to various memes comparing its unique design to that of a refrigerator.

Responding to the memes, Microsoft made real, full-sized Series X fridges in October 2020, sending one to influencer iJustine and another to rapper Snoop Dogg. The promotional items functioned exactly like a normal fridge but made the Xbox Series X boot-up sound when the door was opened.

In March 2021, Microsoft resurrected the meme by producing some Series X mini fridges as a promotional tie-in with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s new energy drink brand ZOA.

Dirt 5 has added the Xbox Series X fridge to its custom arena creator mode
ZOA-branded Xbox mini fridges were sent to US press and influencers last month.

After a number of fans asked how they could get their own mini fridge, Xbox stated that they were only made for promotional purposes, and that while some could be won by entering sweepstakes on the Microsoft Rewards site, they weren’t being made available for general sale.

But Microsoft changed its mind in April, when it confirmed plans to start producing and selling the mini fridges after narrowly winning a Twitter marketing competition which pitted popular brands against each other.