The second stage of the PlayStation Player Celebration for the Days of Play event is now live and the rewards are a set of avatars.

PlayStation has started up the second round of the initiative that runs from today until June 31st. It requires all PlayStation gamers to play 2.9 million games and earn 8.5 million trophies. The reward is a set of avatars featuring Sackboy, Jin from Ghost of Tsushima, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Ellie from The Last of Us: Part II, and a heavily-armoured person from Demon Souls. Not the most exciting reward, but free stuff is free stuff.

We have a comprehensive guide to all the stages of the event ready for you to read. The prizes from stage one are set to be delivered in the next few days, including an exclusive theme.

So, are you pumped for all these avatars? Any games ready to go for this? Let us know down below!

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