ZeniMax Online Studios made the announcement today that the Console Enhanced versions of The Elder Scrolls Online would be delayed by a week from its original launch date, now being pushed to June 15th. Console fans eager to get into Blackwood however needn’t worry about that, as the upcoming chapter release is unaffected overall by the delay.

The news comes via the ESO Twitter account, with the studio announcing the delay of the true current-gen console versions. Currently, like many other games, The Elder Scrolls Online runs on Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 in backwards compatibility mode, and it seems players will need to do so for a little while longer as the full-fat current gen versions are finalized.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are moving the ESO: Console Enhanced launch out a week,” the statement on the official Twitter reads. “We are doing this so we are not launching Update 30 (Blackwood) at the same time as Console Enhanced, and can give both our undivided attention.”

As such, the new date for Console Enhanced will be June 15th, while the official launch of Blackwood on console will remain June 8th. Players will note the major improvements on the last gen versions is an increase in framerate, with Console Enhanced able to run The Elder Scrolls Online at 60 frames per second, or boost quality with a 30fps mode. The improved versions also bring better load times, draw distances, higher quality textures and anti-aliasing, reflections and more.

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