Snails are not known for their use of mini guns, or for that matter, moving particularly fast, but that is all about to change when Clid the Snail lands on PlayStation and PC. Developed by Spanish independent games developer Weird Beluga Studio the title is supported by PlayStation Talents program that was launched in Spain to support the local industry as well as to create video games fully developed in Spain to be sold around the globe.


Clid the Snail is a dark fable about a grumpy humanoid snail armed to the radula. Focused on the narrative, and with a methodical, mindful approach to combat, players will take control of the exiled snail and join forces with a peculiar gang of outcasts to get rid of the slug plague that is ravaging their world. Clid the Snail encourages creative gun play with its vast array of weapons and mechanics, alongside exploration and puzzle solving with its delightfully grim environment.

With the company of a smarty firefly, you’ll have to help Clid overcome all the challenges you will find into along this double stick shooter. Your ingenuity as a player will be the key for solving all the puzzles that make up this dark fable. Clid is always angry, and little Belu’s words don’t help calm his temper. Have fun with these conversations and feel their love-hate friendship so comic!

The game is being published by Koch Media. Alejandro García, one of the five co-founders of Weird Beluga Studio, said “We are very happy about our partnership with Koch Media. For a young and small team like ours, it is like a dream come true. It is also a big push for the team now that we are on the final stage of the development. It encourages us all to give our best to finish the game!”

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