A brand new PlayStation 5-exclusive Final Fantasy title entitled Final Fantasy Origin is apparently expected to be revealed at E3, developed by Nioh and Ninja Gaiden studio Team Ninja.

According to a report by Fanbyte, who’s sources have corrobrated rumours which appear to have started on the ResetEra forums, the game will be an action RPG in the style of Nioh and Dark Souls and will potentially take place in the universe of the very first Final Fantasy from the NES, hence the title. 

Although Nioh is being touted as the blueprint, it looks like it might not be as famously difficult as that adventure, as the reports claim that Square Enix has requested that Team Ninja make the game a little bit more accessible to a wider audience. The rumoured title will also apparently be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, with a PC release “further down the road”. Allegedly the game is already far enough along that it’ll also have an alpha demo this summer which is said to be entitled ‘Stranger in Paradise’.

And in case you’re thinking the team-up is a little left-field, Team Ninja actually have prior experience with the Final Fantasy series, having previously worked on beat-em-up spin-off Dissidia Final Fantasy NT back in 2018. 

Neither Square Enix nor Team Ninja have commented on the rumour at the time of writing, but with E3 just over three weeks away, it looks like we’ll find out for sure soon enough. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is due to release on PlayStation 5 just a couple of days before the show, on June 10. 

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