A social media user shares a giant Nintendo Switch-inspired TV mount, with shelves inside the Joy-Cons that hold game systems as big as the PS5.

A crafty Nintendo fan has shared a huge TV mount inspired by the design of the Nintendo Switch system, showing how much time and effort fans who love their systems can dedicate to pay homage to them. The creator of the art piece has uploaded a video of the mount in action, as well as several other clips chronicling the long and difficult process of creating it.

A video of  the massive Nintendo Switch console lookalike has accumulated over 232,600 likes on TikTok over the course of three days. The video shows off the creation from several angles, providing a detailed look at the sturdy frame and the useful side features.

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TikTok user treytheshoehead replicates the Nintendo Switch’s iconic and red and blue Joy-Cons by placing re-creations of them on the sides of a large TV, with assembled painted wooden panels representing the curves, buttons and analog sticks of the real controllers. The sturdy construction of the faux Joy-Con controllers allows for shelves inside, with the shelf on the left shown holding a PlayStation 5. The Nintendo Switch is a common subject of fan art and even fan redesigns of integral system features, but large-scale loveletters to the system’s design with this much dedication behind them are relatively uncommon.

Creative fan works like this TV mount demonstrate just how dedicated some fans are to displaying affection for their favorite console designs. Other videos on Trey’s page give more insight into how the project was created by showing the construction process in fast timelapses, making this construction feat all the more impressive as the intensive work that went into it can be viewed in full. This thematically-accurate mount design would certainly add a delicious level of irony to playing the best Switch games on the big screen, and adds a layer of humor to having a PlayStation 5 connected.

The massively enlarged Nintendo Switch design is impressively crafted and also humorous considering the nature of the Nintendo Switch as a portable device. While this TV mount may not rival the system in portability, it certainly displays an admirable level of dedication to the system, and the amount of time and effort spent on the craft shows through in its final quality. The sticks and buttons are all in the same relative positions as the official controllers, and the shelves on the sides are a functional touch that justify the massive amount of space taken by the protrusions.

Humorous contradictions of the portable system’s design and a rumored Nintendo Switch Pro hardware revision aside, Trey’s TV mount shows off precise craftsmanship and the oversized red and blue Joy-Cons frame the TV well. Trey’s TikTok page hosts several other wooden builds, but the Nintendo Switch TV mount appears to be the largest yet.

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Source: TikTok

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