Experience being a modern-day gold miner as “Gold Rush: The Game,” based on the hit Discovery Channel series, comes to PlayStation and Xbox.

Game developers Code Horizon, together with co-publisher PlayWay SA, returns with the console version of this mining simulator for the PlayStation® 4/5 and Xbox One/X|S. After garnering a wide reach and an ever-expanding player base for PC, the game makers are porting it to consoles for more players to enjoy.

The purpose of the game is simple, start as a lowly gold miner equipped with a bucket and a hog pan. Then, work your way up the ladder, earning better tools and more advanced equipment, as you rise to be the next gold tycoon.

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Find Gold, Mine and Extract, and Get Rich

Utilizing similar game mechanics as its PC counterpart, the console version of “Gold Rush: The Game” allows players to explore their surroundings and interact with objects around them. It begins with a small and manual mining setup, allowing you to start and secure your first claim. 

As you progress in the game, you start getting access to more advanced equipment such as bulldozers, tractors, excavators, and more. You can now build your mining operations and start digging for gold. Taking inspiration from the hit Discovery Channel of the same name, “Gold Rush: The Game,” makes sure that it’s not all mining songs and finding gold. Instead, it shows players the intricacies of the industry, including prospecting, maintenance, and striking deals.

The game has an interactive map that players can use to find a spot to start digging. Aside from showing locations and territories, it also shows where boreholes are, allowing players to identify unadulterated patches of land. Furthermore, as players move forward and obtain more complex equipment, they do their maintenance and upkeep tasks. Check your items’ conditions, troubleshoot where failures come from, and replace damaged parts. From rollers, chains, hoses, belts to buckets and motors – you will be in charge of making sure everything works as it should and find you that elusive gold.

Lastly, updates in the game have included weather and season cycles into the game. Therefore, players will also have to adapt and contend with changing weather conditions aside from managing laborers and equipment. Needless to say, the presence of rain or snow would affect gameplay not only in terms of visibility but in the behavior of the equipment on the site.

About Gold Rush

The Code Horizon and PlayWay SA game is based on the reality television series “Gold Rush,” which first aired on the Discovery Channel on December 3, 2010. It follows the exploits of various family-run mining companies, including prospecting in lesser-known regions of the US and Canada. It later expanded to cover mining efforts in South America and other parts of North America.

Since its pilot episode, “Gold Rush” has aired more than 250 episodes across 11 seasons. As a smash hit for the Discovery Channel, its first-season finale became the most-watch Friday night show in the United States for the demographics of males 18 to 49 and females 25 to 54.


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