If you want to play online, PlayStation Plus is an essential subscription to get your multiplayer fix. However, if you’re more of an offline person and you don’t like the free games, let’s guide you through how to cancel PlayStation Plus.

The step by step process

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Go to the main home screen and hover your cursor to the top right. You’ll find a cog shape that represents the options menu to the left of your profile picture and the clock. Press X.

Once in the menu, go all the way down to Users and Accounts. Stay at the Account tab, and you should be able to find the Payment and Subscriptions option. Press X to continue.

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Near the bottom of the screen, head down to subscriptions that is above Game and App Services. Press X. Now, choose PlayStation Plus on our subscriptions list.

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On this screen, it will tell you when you first subscribed and when it will expire. Down below, you’re given two options. To either turn off auto-renew or extend PlayStation Plus. It will then ask you to give feedback. You can leave it blank to save you time. Keep in mind that you can turn on auto-renew at any time by following these steps again. However, you can find some great deals from officially licensed stores so keep that in mind before resubscribing.

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