Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2021 press conference is expected to deliver some exciting news for Halo Infinite and Forza Motorsport. Here, we have the dates, times, and stream so you can watch along. 

This is one of Microsoft’s most highly anticipated pressers in recent memory, especially since last year’s E3 trade fair was canceled due to the global health situation. That’s not all, though, as the gaming giant has been making some major moves during the lockdown.

Having acquired Bethesda back in March – developers of the Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dishonored series’ – players are looking forward to hearing more about which games will be Xbox exclusive in 2021, 2022, and beyond.

Not only that, but we still have a lot of questions left unanswered about the games that have been confirmed – Halo Infinite, the first Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X|S, and more.


When is the Xbox / Bethesda E3 stream?

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Xbox and Bethesda will be linking up for an E3 press conference.

Microsoft’s joint press conference with Xbox and Bethesda will take place on June 13, 2021. 

Xbox E3 start times: US, UK, AUS, EU

To watch along, the Games Showcase starts at the following times:

How to watch Xbox E3 2021 press conference

To watch Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2021 press conference with Bethesda, here are a few of the options:

Once the stream goes live, we’ll be sure to add it to this section. With it being the 20th anniversary of Xbox, fans should be expecting a few surprises for E3.

Microsoft E3 press conference: What to expect

After a year of making big moves in gaming, Microsoft and Bethesda are coming together to host a joint press conference – likely to be hosted by Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox.

Exclusive games always grab the headlines and the spotlight at Xbox’s Games Showcase, and this time should be no different. Let’s run through what we expect to see this time around.

Halo Infinite

halo infinite

Halo Infinite will definitely feature in the E3 showcase.

Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a release date, but this Xbox E3 press conference should change that.

Aside from a launch window, we’re expecting to see a brand new trailer for the exclusive game, as well as further details on weapons and potentially even gameplay. Releasing a first-look at unfinished gameplay, as it was still being developed, was a disaster back in July 2020. A meme featuring “Craig” from the trailer went viral, as people joked the graphics were akin to the Xbox 360.

However, now is the chance to show us what the new Xbox console is really capable of, and turn doubters into believers where Halo Infinite is concerned.

Here’s everything we know about Halo Infinite so far.

Forza Motorsport

Back in July 2020, Microsoft Studios unveiled an official Forza Motorsport announce trailer on Xbox Series X, with improved graphics.

We all know that Xbox loves showing off a fancy trailer at E3, and with so many questions still unanswered here, it seems like the perfect time for a follow-up. A release date is expected, as well as new features for the game’s campaign and multiplayer. 

Here’s everything we know about Forza Motorsport so far – and Forza Horizon 5.


With Bethesda joining the Microsoft network of game developers, all eyes turn to Starfield – the game they’ve confirmed will be released before the next Elder Scrolls game.

Feeding off of scraps is the best way to describe Bethesda fans in relation to the sci-fi title, as we have barely any information to go off. Having just a short reveal trailer from E3 2018 and a few unreliable leaks to go off is not ideal, so now seems as good a time as any to delve deeper into the unseen world.

Here’s everything we know about Starfield so far.


Without question, there’s always room for some Minecraft during the Microsoft presser. With previous events leaning heavily on the educational values of the sandbox title, and VR experiences as well, who knows what Mojang’s big game will bring this time.


The third installment in the Crossfire series is penciled in for 2021 and will be exclusive to Microsoft. The first-person shooter will have a “thrilling” competitive multiplayer, so expect to see more of that this June.


Scorn is a first-person shooter horror game, developed by Ebb Software. Back in 2020, on October 21, they announced their game would be released in 2021 but it still doesn’t have a release date yet, meaning it’s a prime contender for the Games Showcase.

The Gunk

Last on our ‘what to expect’ list is The Gunk. The third-person action-adventure game is developed by Image & Form Games, along with Thunderful Development AB. With an adventure built on survival, crafting, and exploration – this should be a fun trailer to watch during the Xbox E3 event.

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