Xbox fans got their first look at I Am Fish this week. The new title from Curve Digital might look a bit familiar to Finding Nemo fans. Four fish were friends together in a pet shop. But, they get separated and have to find their way back to each other. If you liked I Am Bread and other physics games like it, you will probably be pleased with I Am Fish. (Seeing as how both were produced by Curve Digital, it won’t be hard to imagine.) People seemed to be excited to get back in the water with the developer as evidenced by these responses on social media. I mean, it is hard to argue with that trailer. This game looks like it will be a cute adventure that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Really, what more can you ask for in these moments. Check out some of the reactions right here.

The developer describes their game, “I Am Fish is a charming adventure starring four intrepid fish friends, forcibly separated from their home in a pet shop fish tank. Throughout the game, players will join them as they swim, fly, roll, and chomp their way to the open ocean from the far-flung corners of Barnardshire (the smallest county in England) in their bid for freedom and to reunite once again.”

“The game features four playable fish: a Goldfish, Pufferfish, Flying Fish and Piranha(!) each with their own unique personality, abilities, and aquatic adventuring styles. Check out the reveal trailer to see just how deeply these plucky explorers can think outside the bowl on their journey to fishy freedom.”

Are you going to pick up I Am Fish when it releases? Let us know down in the comments below!

What a unique idea


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