During Sony’s most recent State of Play, PlayStation fans got an in-depth look at Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. Guerrilla Games’ latest looks impressive, to say the least, which has Xbox users wondering if they can experience it too. So, here’s the need-to-know info on a Horizon Forbidden West Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One launch.

Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Horizon Forbidden West is targeting a 2021 launch on PS5 and PS4 consoles. At the time of writing, there isn’t a Horizon Forbidden West Xbox Series X|S release date.

PlayStation manufacturer Sony owns Horizon developer Guerrilla Games, so it isn’t likely that Forbidden West will hit Xbox Series X or Series S in the future. The original installment, Horizon Zero Dawn, made its way to PC after a long period as a PS4 exclusive. While the sequel could eventually follow suit, it’s highly unlikely that Forbidden West will reach a directly competing console platform.

Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to Xbox One?

Horizon Forbidden West Xbox One release date

Horizon Forbidden West is aiming to hit current PlayStation platforms later this year. The Horizon Zero Dawn sequel is not coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles.

Forbidden West isn’t actually a PlayStation 5 exclusive — it’s also coming to PS4. Although that’s a solid indicator that the ambitious game could run on Xbox One hardware, it most likely isn’t happening. There’s no official Horizon Forbidden West Xbox One release date and it’s likely to stay that way. Sony owns the IP and its developer (Guerrilla Games), plus almost never shares its games with competing platform holders.

Want to learn more about the new Horizon game? Check out which real-world location is the basis for HFW’s setting. The original title came out alongside Breath of the Wild, and it looks like the dev team is taking several points of inspiration from it.

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