Earlier in the year, we shared some huge news with you — Kingston was selling HyperX to HP for nearly $500 million. Shockingly, HyperX memory was not included in the deal, meaning HP pretty much only bought the accessory business — keyboards, mice, and headsets — and not RAM. Today, that acquisition is officially complete.

At the time, I was unsure how the branding would work moving forward. Would Kingston continue to use the “HyperX” name for its gaming RAM? Today we learn that will absolutely not be the case. You see, it seems like the name “HyperX” entirely belongs to HP. Going forward, “Kingston FURY” will instead be the new name of the gaming RAM. Yes, FURY was previously a type of HyperX RAM, but Kingston is simply reusing that name. There are three types of FURY memory kits — Renegade, Beast, and Impact.

“Kingston FURY continues the evolution of leading-edge, high-performance, enthusiast and gaming memory solutions from the largest independent memory manufacturer in the world, backed by three decades of Kingston engineering, testing, manufacturing and customer service expertise. The company’s leadership position in the DRAM industry demonstrates it has the passion, commitment and resources to make Kingston FURY the leading high-performance, enthusiast and gaming memory solution in the market,” says Kingston.

The much-respected memory-maker further says, “The Kingston engineering expertise which is behind the numerous overclocking records and awards that the HyperX memory line has gathered since 2002 continues into the new era of high-performance DRAM and flash solutions. Behind the scenes, it has always been Kingston: Kingston engineering, Kingston manufacturing, Kingston testing and world-renowned Kingston customer service.”

Below, Kingston explains the difference between the three types of FURY memory products.

  • Kingston FURY RenegadeHigh-performance speeds and low latencies for insane performance. Top-of-the-line performance leader (in RGB and non-RGB) with DDR4 frequencies up to 5333MHz.
  • Kingston FURY Beast: Kingston’s popular enthusiast and gaming memory is the perfect high-performance, cost-effective upgrade (in DDR3 and DDR4 RGB and non-RGB), with speeds up to 3733MHz.
  • Kingston FURY ImpactPowerful SO-DIMM performance boost for laptops, NUCs and other small form-factor PCs (in DDR3 and DDR4) with speeds up to 3200MHz.


Ultimately, if you are a big fan of HyperX RAM (like I am), you will simply buy Kingston FURY memory products going forward. It will be the same quality products designed by the same engineering teams, so nothing changes but the name. We simply wave goodbye to “HyperX RAM” as Kingston unleashes the FURY on the PC gaming market. Truth be told, I think Kingston FURY sounds better than HyperX anyway…

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