Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing (LWAVR)the VR racing game from UNIVRS  based on the famous anime, to launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR on Thursday, 15 July, 2021.

Players can join Little Witch Academia leading ladies Akko, Lotte, and Sucy, each voiced in both English and Japanese by their voice actors from the anime, as a new student at Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. Learn to race on a customisable magic broom and purify ghostly spirits on the campus grounds across a dozen levels, featuring improved visuals compared to the Oculus Quest 2 launch title.

After experiencing the magic of the single-player campaign, engage in extracurricular activities in the multiplayer mode, complete with cross-platform support between Oculus Store, PlayStation VR, and SteamVR versions. Seek some extra credit in Hard Mode, where rival witches and restless spirits will deliver a new challenge to experienced spellcasters. All of this takes place in one of the smoothest virtual reality experiences available, thanks to UNIVRS’ patent-pending motion reduction technology.

The Little Witch Academia anime started with a popular short film, which led to a Kickstarter that raised more than $625,000 to fund a second film. Supporters of these magical witches continued to share the love even after the 25-episode Netflix series: LWAVR raised more than $165,000 in total between another Kickstarter campaign and popular Japanese crowdfunding site Campfire.

The team bringing Studio TRIGGER’s beloved series to VR includes several anime veterans, such as Junichi Yamamoto, the director of the opening and ending scenes of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and storyboard artist on Batman Ninja. In addition to the original voice cast, TV series songwriter/composer Yuiko Ohara and singer YURiKA reunite to collaborate on a new theme song, Dream Flight, exclusive to LWAVR.

“Virtual reality is such a unique medium to bring an anime to life, and we’re lucky to work with such great talent to make Luna Nova feel real.With the improvements and new content we added since the Oculus Quest launch, we expect to spellbind a whole new generation of players,” said UNIVRS COO Naoya Koji.

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing is priced at $39.99 on the PlayStation Network, and $29.99 on the Oculus Store and Steam, featuring English and Japanese language text and voice acting.

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