The Monster Hunter Rise Edition Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order in India through independent retailer Mcube Games. It is priced at Rs. 8,499, and according to the store listing, will be available on June 5.

Alongside the Pro Controller, the Monster Hunter Rise Hori Split Pad Pro is also available for pre-order. Priced at Rs. 6,499, it will be available on June 5 alongside the Pro Controller.

The Pro Controller features special artwork from Monster Hunter, featuring a matte black body, textured grip, and golden-coloured detailing of Monster Hunter Rise’s flagship monster, Magnamalo.

The Hori Split Pad Pro features heavily-stylised artwork of Magnamalo, alongside a colour scheme that matches Magnamalo’s gold-and-purple colouring in the game.

The Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise recently got its 3.0 update, which adds a new ending to the game’s main story, alongside new monsters to hunt. Notable additions in the update include Apex Zinogre, Crimson Glow Valtrax, and a new final boss for the story.

Monster Hunter Rise has seen quite a bit of success, and back in April, Nintendo announced that the game had shipped over 6 million copies. More recently, Capcom celebrated shipping over 7 million copies through an in-game bundle of items for players as a reward.

For the sake of comparison, Capcom’s most successful game in terms of sales has been Monster Hunter World, and its expansion, Iceborne, was no slouch either. Within a week of Iceborne’s release, Capcom had announced that it had already shipped over 2.5 million copies. The base game hit the 5 million mark almost over the launch weekend.

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