Nintendo Switch players are more unpredictable than other console counterparts, according to Allods Team.

Nintendo Switch players are a strange bunch – or at the very least, they’re a bit less predictable than their Xbox and PlayStation counterparts. That’s what Artem Chernyshev, game producer at Allods Team, seems to believe.

Allods Team has experience developing games for Nintendo Switch, with both Warface, a realistic military shooter, and Skyforge, a fantasy MMO. Both of the games are free to play, and we recently had the chance to sit down with Artem to talk about the performance of both games.

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While talking about what it takes for Warface and Skyforge to stand out on Nintendo Switch Artem told us the following:

[Artem Chernyshev] “For Warface when we were releasing it was a unique experience on the Switch because there was no military online free to play shooter. Even when we were launching the game, players were really happy because before Warface they didn’t have a chance to experience this kind of game on the Switch. So this was our selling point.[…] Skyforge looks like a game that Nintendo players can love. Warface is a realistic military game, with some blood, but Skyforge is a fantasy, so we thought it was a great idea to launch Skyforge on Switch.”

Further on in our chat, I asked Artem to elaborate on how he believed Nintendo Switch players were different from those on PlayStation and Xbox.

[AC] “Switch players have two modes, the handheld mode and the TV mode, and often players like to play on a Switch when they are travelling or something like that, and they are mostly buying the Switch for the first party games. So we think of Switch players differently to Xbox and PlayStation. It is easier to understand the Xbox and PlayStation players than Nintendo.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Artem confirms that Allods Team and My Games have further projects planned for Nintendo Switch, which we could hear about very soon.

[AC] “[The] Nintendo Switch is a really popular console, but [the players] are focusing on first-party games, so it’s a different approach, and the players love different games, so we are really careful with investing in Switch projects. Soon, we will announce a great project for the Switch.”

It sounds like Nintendo’s general audience call for a different approach when it comes to the kinds of games they enjoy and play regularly. Make sure to keep reading TheGamer for more on My Games, and the future of both Warface and Skyforge.

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