According to a new statement from the former Star fox Developer, Nintendo Currently, the focus is on making money rather than playing games. Given some of Nintendo’s actions over the last few years, this statement is not a big shock.

Recently, there are some signs that reflect this idea. For this Super Mario 3D All StarsIn an interview with Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, he said: Super Mario 3D All Stars This is because there was an aspect of “celebration” of the 35th anniversary of Mario’s birth. He mentioned that too, This is not a normal practice For many who wondered why these games were released for a limited time after the anniversary, that wasn’t the most satisfying answer.

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former Star fox programmer Giles Goddard, The CEO of Chuhai Labs posted a request to Nintendo subbreddit, “Ask me anything,” and fans immediately asked a ton of questions. There was a question about how Satoru Iwata’s death affected Nintendo. Goddard replied that the company is currently run by shareholders. Another question asked how Nintendo feels changed over the years, and in his answer, Nintendo’s “Currently the main focus is money

Satoru Iwata was the former president of Nintendo and passed away in 2015. Recognized as one of the best businessmen in the industry, our first priority was to create a game that would make people happy. He was willing to cut his salary before the Wii U bombing and showed how much he cares about the company and his employees. Book to ask IwataReleased this year, detailing his various activities and honoring the former president of Nintendo.

The death of Satoru Iwata must have had a major impact on the company.It’s impossible to know exactly what Nintendo thinks today, which is the opinion of those who no longer work at Nintendo, but at least it gives a little glimpse of how Nintendo works today. Nintendo is now almost a shareholder. If it is true that it is run by, it will explain recent decisions Regarded as anti-consumerAnd is primarily motivated by profit rather than quality.So this explanation Nintendo The decisions of the last few years are unfortunately not so surprising. Hopefully, in the future Nintendo will reject this idea and focus again on high-quality games.

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