This is gonna be a long one. But I wanna vent this out to the Nintendo community. Even if only a few people read this. I never do this sort of thing. But I feel pretty passionate about this.

As a NA Nintendo fan since the mid 90s I feel like Nintendo has gone down the sh*tter. What I mean is Nintendo is not making games for the whole world anymore. Instead they focus on the Japanese market with tons of JRPG’s and the Casual/family market with titles like wii sports and modern day equivalent games. Seriously when’s the last time you watched a Nintendo direct and 80% of it wasn’t filled with JRPG’s and indie games?

The SNES, N64, and GCN all had an abundant amount of first party games that catered to the more “hard-core audienxe” not only in Japan but also North America. We had titles like Metroid, F-Zero, Banjo, Goldeneye, Star Fox, Donkey Kong 64, RE4 on the GCN, We even used to get Metal Gear games. Hell even the Casual/family games were factually better from a core gamer perspective. They actually had a nice little skill gap to them. The GCN Mario parties rewarded skill, the old sports games like strikers were 🔥. And it doesn’t end there. Look how much they dumbed down titles like Paper Mario, and the current Yoshi games.

I see a lot of emphasis on Indie titles. Now days too. Don’t get me wrong. There are some absolute banger indie games. Like undertale. But where the he’ll are our 1st party AAA games???. We all know Nintendo doesn’t have a very powerful console. But we bought a switch for those amazing 1st party games. So where the hell are they? Think about it. After Odyssey, BOTW, then Smash released. What big block buster title have we gotten since? Maybe Luigi’s Mansion 3. But I wouldn’t call that a high end AAA game. Animal Crossing? Great Nintendo exclusive. But hardly a core gamer title.

What I’m getting at is we are getting significantly less big titles compared to what we got on the N64 and GameCube. And are getting more and more casual throw away titles. That aren’t all that engaging compared to a Metroid Prime, or Paper Mario Thousand Year Door.

And this really sucks. Because we aren’t getting 3rd party games on this underpowered device. So Nintendo really needs to crank out more AAA games of their own to keep players playing their console.

Nintendo has always been more of a multi-player oriented company. So why the f*ck do they have an abysmal online service? A phone app to use voice chat. That nobody uses and everyone hates. Smash Ultimale has the worst net code of any fighting game even with a Verizon fios wired connection. Their sub par Mario party finally got online multi-player 2 years after release. We have no way to do party chat on the Nintendo switch. The NES games and SNES games on switch are a joke. The Wii U might have been a bust. But at least you could download N64 games on virtual console since day one. And where are our GameCube games on switch?

Or why is Nintendo re releasing old games so much? How about Pikmin 4 instead of a Pikmin 3 remaster. How about Mario Kart 9. We been playing MK8 since 2014 FFS. How about a new DK Country? They have no problem re releasing all those games. But the hard core gamers REALLY WANT Metroid Prime trilogy and we don’t get it lmfao. Seriously. Stop wasting your time re-releasing those games. And build a new better experience instead.

Nintendo shifted away from making powerful consoles capable of playing all 3rd party games with the launch of the Wii. I know this is going to piss people off but I think it’s it’s truth. Reggie and Satoru Iwata took over a couple years before the launch of the Wii. I think they are the reason for the change in culture. Reggie as the NA president was responsible for relaying to Japan what the NA audience wants. He clearly did not tell Nintendo we want AAA titles like Metroid. Instead he went along with Satoru and Japan and said we like casual family games and have little interest in big budget single player experiences.

I’m still a huge Nintendo fan. I play Dolphin Emulator with my friends over netplay all the time. The only thing I’m looking forward to is this new Metroid and the next Zelda. It just sucks that we have gotten so few big games.

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