Third party companies will be releasing golf club and brass knuckles accessories for the Nintendo Switch, pushing the boundaries on ridiculousness.

The latest Nintendo Switch accessories are reaching new levels of ridiculousness with the upcoming release of both golf club and brass knuckles accessories. These accessories are reminiscent of some of those released back on the Nintendo Wii a decade and a half ago.

Nintendo has released plenty of Switch accessories ever since its launch back in 2017. Of these, some of the most important ones include a carrying bag and a screen protector. Since the Nintendo Switch screen is vulnerable to being damaged, a screen protector is a must to have when bringing it portably. A carrying case is also important to have due to the Switch not fitting in most pockets due to its size. Various third parties have also been selling various helpful Switch accessories ever since the console’s launch, which is continuing on to these new accessories.

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Venom is selling golf club accessories for the Switch on Amazon. These clubs have a perfect fitting hole for the joy-cons to be put in and are set to release on the same day that Mario Golf: Super Rush, June 25th. Meanwhile, Answer is selling brass knuckle accessories for the Switch on PlayAsia. These slip onto the joy-cons are a perfect way for users to protect themselves, as silly as it may look. They release on July 30th and are available to pre-order now.

The gimmicky and bizarre nature of these accessories resembles some of the accessories released for the Nintendo Wii. A whole set of sports accessories was released to correspond with Wii Sports, which included tennis rackets, baseball bats, and golf clubs. But there were also other accessories released that granted functionalities to the Wii, such as the Wii Speak which allowed voice chat. The Wii MotionPlus improved the motion capabilities of the Wii remote, though its implementation in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was divisive.

While the golf clubs are a given since these types of accessories were also released with Wii Sports, the brass knuckles are an amazingly ridiculous way to use the joy-cons. Now users can defend themselves should they need to while playing the Switch. It’s totally ridiculous, and yet the hilarity fits in perfectly with Nintendo’s library of accessories.  The brass knuckles do at least have practicality if nothing else. Should players want to attach golf clubs or brass knuckles to their Nintendo Switch joy-cons, they’re available to pre-order now and will release on June 25th and July 30th respectively.

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Source: Amazon, PlayAsia

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