The Nintendo Switch Pro has become the topic of the moment. We recently saw that Amazon Mexico listed it by mistake, and we explained that these types of early listings are important because, in most cases, they confirm that a certain product that has not yet been really announced it is very close to reaching the market.

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that Nintendo Switch Pro is very close, but how close? According to Bloomberg, his presentation will take place at E3 this year, an event that will take place from June 12 to 15, which would take us, directly, to within a couple of weeks. However, a new rumor ensures that the big N will not wait that long, and that it will present its new console this week.

This information has no official confirmation, but with everything that has happened in the last few days it makes more sense than ever. We will not have to wait long to see if it is confirmed, or if it ends up being a wrong prediction, since the source says that Nintendo Switch Pro should be presented before Thursday. Will it be tomorrow, will it be the day after tomorrow, or maybe never? We will soon know.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Good news for everyone

Many fans of the big N seem to have been bothered, on more than one occasion, by the talk of the Nintendo Switch Pro, and the truth is that I do not understand why. If the Japanese company launches such a console, it will be good news for everyone, and the reasons are very simple and easy to understand.

First of all, because with the arrival of Nintendo Switch Pro, the price of the original Nintendo Switch will drop, and maybe also that of the Lite version. This means that those who want to acquire the most powerful Nintendo console, will be able to do so, while those who could not buy the original model because it was out of budget, will now have the opportunity to acquire it. If the forecasts are met, Nintendo Switch Pro will cost $ 299, and Nintendo Switch will be located between $ 199 and $ 249.

Second, that Nintendo Switch Pro will mark a leap at the hardware level that will allow the development of games with a higher graphic quality, and offer a more attractive experience in dock mode for more traditional players. May this achieve attract a greater number of players, including those that prioritize the graphic section.

With regard to the coexistence between Nintendo Switch Pro Nintendo Switch, it is most likely that the big N chooses to follow the same model that we saw with PS4-PS4 Pro and Xbox One-Xbox One X, that is, that release the same games for both consoles, that it also imposes this on the developers, and that the titles for the Pro version are limited to improving the resolution and certain graphic aspects.

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