The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best-selling VR devices ever, and it’s arguably the best thing that’s happened to consumer VR. On the other side of that token, Facebook’s integration with the Oculus platform and its walled garden is arguably the worst thing that has happened to consumer VR. With Oculess, you can have the best of both worlds.

Oculess is a free utility that you can download from Github that enables you to break your Quest 2 free from Facebook’s clutches. The utility allows you to log out of Facebook to disable the Oculus Companion, disable telemetry, and disable future updates. Thank you, user basti564, for the contribution!

The idea of severing ties with Facebook’s servers will undoubtedly appeal to many people. However, it’s important to note that doing so comes with sacrifices. If you run Oculess on your headset, you will lose access to the Oculus storefront. You will need to sideload all of your content from other sources, like SideQuest. You will also lose the social features of the Quest 2. PC VR will still work through Oculus Link, but you will need to sign in to the Oculus desktop app for that to work.


Curiously, the Oculess utility has gone under the radar for months. The GitHub history shows the first version of Oculess is at least 9-months old. It wasn’t until version 1.2 dropped last weekend that word started to spread.

Grab a copy of Oculess from GitHub if you want to give it a try. You will need to put your headset in developer mode to download the tool.

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