YouTube channel DIY Perks built a “stealthy” version of the PlayStation 5 that removes the bulk from the current-gen console’s exterior design.

YouTube channel DIY Perks transformed the PlayStation 5 into a more compact machine, essentially removing the bulk from the console’s exterior design. It’s no secret that the PS5 is unusually large for a modern console. Sony’s latest hardware stands over 15-inches tall, compared to the Xbox Series X‘s height of less than 12 inches; the Series S stands a mere 10.8 inches in total.

There does exist a reason for the heft and height of the newest PlayStation system, however. The console’s architects wanted to emphasize airflow in an effort to make the platform as quiet as possible. Thus, the PS5 boasts a hulking heatsink, plenty of internal space, a massive fan, and air vents that circle around its exterior. Less than a year into the hardware’s life cycle, it seems these efforts weren’t for naught. The system is relatively silent by most accounts, especially compared to the incredibly loud PlayStation 4 that often sounds as though it’s preparing for liftoff.

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YouTube channel DIY Perks decided to give PlayStation 5 a full makeover by transforming the bulky device with a more “stealthy” design. The build started with everything being stripped from the original casing, leaving behind only the “core of the unit.” Due to the unit’s inability to sit flat, DIY Perks leveled the inner workings with hexagonal PCB pillar supports, then screwed on the power supply. Carbon fiber sheeting provided the base plate, with strategically placed foam strips serving as the solution to potential cooling and airflow issues. Meanwhile, American dark walnut was used for the casing around the system’s front and sides. DIY Perks further utilized smart solutions for the back vents, USB ports, and power button, all of which come together nicely in the end.

Given the tools and know-how required for such a build, the vast majority of PS5 owners won’t be able to similarly reconstruct their console. Sony is bound to eventually release a slim model of the device, though. Yet, when exactly the inevitable PS5 Slim will be ready for primetime remains to be seen.

As some may recall, the PS3 Slim first launched in late 2009, approximately three years after the platform’s initial 2006 rollout. PlayStation 4’s smaller model also hit store shelves roughly three years following its bulkier predecessor. Reason suggests, a new version of the PlayStation 5 could arrive as early as holiday 2023.

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Source: DIY Perks

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