With the weekend here and games on standby, the Pure PlayStation team are chomping at the bit for some downtime. But what are we actually playing this weekend? You might be surprised…

I’ve had more luck recently with my lap times by playing racing games with a pad instead of the wheel and pedals. That’s strange in its own right because for a long time it was the other way round. But then again, I don’t drive, so maybe it has something to do with that?. This got me thinking about whether the immersive gaming experiences we long for might actually have a negative effect on our “gaming prowess” – maybe a handheld pistol will lower our streaks as we are forced to fumble with a magazine reload or a walking device will mean we take longer to go from A to B thanks to our non-beach-ready bodies.

This could even be the reason why they haven’t come to market yet, away from those available as PSVR peripherals. That and an inhibitive price.

However, that’s enough thinking for a Friday night. We want to be talking about what we’re playing right now not how we’re going to get beat in the future. So, how about you spend the next minute or so reading about our plans? We’re quite interesting once you get to know us, honestly.

Stuart McLean
I have a weekend away from home with only the devices I can carry so it’s probably as much Mario and Hades as I can fit in on the Switch.

Yasmine Hubbard
I’m currently downloading Knockout City and am seriously looking forward to sinking some serious hours into it. However, I’ve also got a review on the go that I’m near completing – so the weekend is pretty much set for me.

Chris Harding
I’ve got a weekend of VR lined up. Not for work, just for fun! Charlie has been playing a bit of regular SUPERHOT, so as a treat, I’m letting him have a go of SUPERHOT VR. So long as nothing gets smashed, we’ll take turns in a few other PSVR games, too.

On the work side, I’ve got the Boxed In review to put together, as well as my final thoughts on King of Seas. Be sure to lookout for those reviews next week!

Hannah Ellis
With a bunch of ace games due out in the next couple of months, I will be trying to make some shelf space available by completing one of my backlog games. The question is, which one should I choose? Kingdom Hearts is currently getting some of my attention, but I don’t think I’ve gelled with it fully yet. I’ll certainly give it a little longer, though. Then there’s Borderlands 3 and Mad Max…

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