A logo recently used by Sony, which apparently revealed the title of the upcoming God of War game, has turned out to be a fan-made logo.

The logo for the next God of War title, seen in a recent PlayStation presentation, has been revealed as a fan-made logo. The God of War franchise of action-adventure games began back in 2005, but the series was given new life with the release of the most recent installment in 2018. The highly-acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive left many questions unanswered, and fans continue to anticipate more information about the next installment.

2018’s God of War, which transitioned the series from Greek mythology to Norse and put renewed emphasis on an emotional narrative, was highly acclaimed by both critics and series fans. The game saw protagonist Kratos paired with a young son, Atreus, and their journey resulted in fascinating development for both characters. Unfortunately, the next game in the series may keep fans waiting, as gaming journalist Jason Schreier recently teased that the game has been delayed. The sequel, often referred to as God of War Ragnarok despite the lack of an official title, was announced back in September 2020 and with a targeted release for 2021. Many series fans also call for a film adaptation of the series, though a recent statement from a Sony spokesperson confirms that a God of War film is not currently in development.

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Video game news sources Push Square and Gematsu have reported that a logo for God of War Ragnarok, seen used in a recent Sony investor presentation, is actually a fan-made logo. The presentation details Sony’s lineup of PlayStation 5-exclusive games, including games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West. The use of a God of War Ragnarok logo alongside these other official logos seemingly confirmed the game’s title, but further investigation revealed that the logo was created by a fan.

2018’s God of War reinvented and reinvigorated the franchise, giving both a brand-new gameplay style and a more emotionally mature narrative. The game’s sequel is expected to follow the previous game’s example, continuing the intriguing Norse-inspired story while pushing gameplay further than before. Statements from Sony Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews suggests that the sequel may allow players to control Atreus, a character who was exclusively computer-controlled in 2018’s title.

The God of War series has always been a staple of the PlayStation lineup, but the 2018 game transcended the series to new heights. The game expertly combined narrative and gameplay to take players on a massive and personal journey across the world of Norse mythology. However, as Sony’s God of War Ragnarok logo turned out to be a fan-made product, the sequel’s title still remains a mystery.

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Source: Push SquareGematsu/Twitter

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