There is a long-standing issue plaguing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege players on Xbox. Initial reports can be traced all the way back to mid-2020. And they’ve been flowing in to this day without any reduction in frequency.

Players say that the game audio cuts out randomly during gameplay. When that happens, you can still run around and place gadgets and stuff, but about 20 seconds later, the game completely freezes and forces you to reset.

But if the player doesn’t intervene, the game may also eventually crash on its own. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any error message given out when the glitch occurs so a cause is difficult to pin.

I have been running Into a problem with Tom Clancy’s rainbow six siege for almost a year and its start to get really annoying, I can only make it through two games and then it will all of a sudden lose sound then it will freeze up, I’ve tried everything to fix it.

Does the sound go away before crash? If it does that has been happening since neon dawn and the guys I play with call it the sound glitch it’s really annoying.

Players have already tried the basic workarounds in vain like re-installing the game and transferring it between different HDD. One player even tried switching consoles but found that the issue was reproducible on both.

Some have even said that the crash problem occurs on every third or so game which has made the Rainbow Six Siege experience on Xbox terrible.

However, judging from the number of reports, the issue does seem to be affecting only a limited group of users.

Still, for that affected group, Ubisoft has finally acknowledged the Rainbow Six Siege audio cutting and crash issue on Xbox saying they’re aware and are working on a fix.

Hence, without the availability of any useful workarounds, your best bet would be to simply wait for a bug-fixing update to roll out.

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