NBA 2K22 is ready to bring the well established game into the next chapter this year with next gen, but they certainly can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch.

Even though the title keeps growing on next gen consoles, here’s everything we know about NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch right now.

NBA 2K22 Reveal Trailer

At the moment, details about NBA 2K22 are few and far between, but when the game is officially announced in the next few months that should change.

COVER STAR REVEAL: The reveal trailer will likely show this year’s cover star. Could Steph Curry get the nod again?

Our first peek at NBA 2K22 will probably come when the reveal trailer drops. In previous years, the reveal trailer has been released in June, so we can assume the same for this year.

There’s a decent chance we see the reveal during E3 2021, which starts on Saturday, June 12 and goes until Tuesday, June 15. Although, 2K Sports hasn’t participated much at that event in recent years.

Either way, we can expect NBA 2K22’s first big trailer in the next month or so.

Release Date on Nintendo Switch

As of now, NBA 2K22 doesn’t have an official release date on Nintendo Switch, but we can get a good idea of when that may be by looking at past years.

NBA 2K21 was released on current gen platforms over two months before the next gen version ever came out. However, now that 2K has another year with next gen consoles, it’s more likely we’ll see the game launched on all platforms simultaneously.

Based on NBA 2K’s last few release dates, it’s safe to say NBA 2K22 will drop on Nintendo Switch between September 3, 2021 and September 10, 2021.

Price on Nintendo Switch

As next gen versions of the title have much improved graphics and exclusive features like The City, current gen should sit at its usual price.

NBA 2K22 will probably cost $60 on current gen consoles, which is $10 less than it is on next gen.

NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch will most likely cost more than $60 for the Legend Edition or other upgraded versions of the game. Fans can expect those editions to be priced between $85 and $100.

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NBA 2K22 Pre Order

NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch can’t be pre ordered yet, but that could change in the next month or so.

PRE ORDER REWARDS: Fans who pre order the game might get bonuses in MyTEAM, MyCAREER, or even MyPLAYER.

NBA 2K21’s pre orders went up on July 2, 2020, so fans can expect NBA 2K22’s pre orders to go live around that time this year.

You’ll be able to pre order NBA 2K22 from all major retailers including Amazon, GAME (UK), Gamestop, and the Nintendo eShop.

Current Gen Game Modes

Sadly, Nintendo Switch players will likely not see new next gen game modes like The City on their console.

But, it’s possible NBA 2K22 could enhance existing modes like MyTEAM and MyPLAYER to make up for it.

Although, NBA 2K’s upgrades on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are intriguing, there’s still likely going to be more players on current gen. This is why 2K Sports can’t afford to neglect making improvements on current gen.

If you’re curious about how NBA 2K22 is being brought to Xbox one, click here.

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