Available for both PlayStation 4 and 5, the demo for Bandai Namco’s upcoming action-RPG Scarlet Nexus highlights the game’s story, combat and visuals.

Bandai Namco has announced that the demo for action-RPG Scarlet Nexus is available from today, May 28, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The demo for the game is available through the PlayStation Store and provides players with an idea of what they can expect from the final release. The demo acts as a showcase of Bandai Namco’s first new-gen game and highlights the game’s frenetic combat, visuals and smooth performance on the PlayStation 5. A demo for Scarlet Nexus has been available for players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S since May 21.

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Players will step into the role of either Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall, two members of an elite fighting unit known as the Other Suppression Force. Both characters will use a mixture of technology-based weapons and psychic abilities to prevent powerful monsters known as the “Others” from invading a futuristic cyberpunk world. Players can choose which campaign they wish to play, with the demo providing roughly an hour of gameplay of both character’s introductory missions.

Both campaigns take place at the same point in time but follow different narrative beats. Yuito and Kasane’s stories will focus on different experiences but the characters’ journeys will sometimes intersect. Players will need to “finish both Yuito and Kasane’s playthrough to get the complete Scarlet Nexus storyline,” according to Bandai Namco.

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Yuito and Kasane play very differently, offering a unique challenge to the player depending on which campaign they select. Yuito attacks with his sword for more singular, precise strikes while Kasane uses kunai “for wide, sweeping attacks.” Both characters have their own skill trees that can be expanded with skill points earned throughout the game.

Scarlet Nexus launches on June 25 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

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