Published On 29 May,2021 06:55 pm

Sony to launch mobile versions of popular PlayStation games

(Web Desk) – Some top-rated and iconic Sony PlayStation games will soon find their way to mobile applications and a wider audience. This is according to Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan.

Sony says that its expansion into mobile applications will begin this year with the rollout of some of its highly successful PlayStation franchises into mobile. Ryan spoke at the Investor Relation Day event of the company and hinted that this year could see Sony take steps to bring PlayStation IP to mobile, which could exponentially increase the size of its audience.

The extension into mobile gaming for Sony could significantly transform the outlook of the PlayStation brand, as the company will now have greater access to a large set of customers and possibly increased returns from mobile gaming applications.

The plan is to continue expanding the list of games being deployed to mobile while ensuring that feedback is factored into subsequent releases to grow the mobile applications ecosystem of PlayStation games.

Some sources claim that Sony will catalog a vast chunk of its in-house PlayStation titles for mobile applications within the first year of its foray into mobile gaming. 

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