While the global PlayStation 5 shortage continues to leave many fans without a console, new reports have surfaced revealing that StockX has facilitated more than 138,000 PS5 sales for scalpers on the Internet.

According to Video Games Chronicle, the company has shared details regarding the amount of PS5s sold in the U.S., which amounted to a staggering 55,000 units of the digital edition and 83,000 units of the disc edition. Even more alarming are the prices at which they’ve been sold, with sales of the former averaging around $741 USD and the latter at around $800 USD, both significantly above the MSRP from Sony.

In order to combat scalping and help distribute consoles to more consumers, the U.K. is now considering banning the practice entirely, proposing a bill that could restrict video game console reselling. However, it’s unclear at this point whether the bill will pass or not.

Elsewhere in gaming, roughly six million households have purchased a second Nintendo Switch last year.

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