We really liked The Last of Us Part II here at Jump Dash Roll, awarding it 8 out of 10, and summarising the experience like so:

The Last of Us Part II is a brutal, purposeful sequel designed to defy popular appeal. Instead it walks a thornier narrative path, even if the gameplay feels largely unchanged from its predecessor.

Some of us thought it was the game of 2020. I however am yet to play. Life got in the way at release and then, since the PlayStation 5, I’d assumed Naughty Dog – of all the studios, surely Naughty Dog? – would release a PS5 patch. Well, at last it has.

According to Naughty Dog itself:

Once patch 1.08 for The Last of Us Part II is installed on your PS5, you will find a toggle in the Display options that allows you to choose between a Framerate Target of 30 FPS or 60 FPS. This allows you to choose your preferred framerate to complement the rest of the enhancements that are part of the PS5 backward compatibility with PS4 games, such as an enhanced resolution, faster load times, and more.

So, basically, what they’re saying is I now have a choice to make. Do I leave the wonderful Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Demon’s Souls behind whilst I see what misery Joel and Ellie have in store for me? Yes, I think I will.

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