When a new generation of video game consoles lands, it doesn’t take long for a few onlookers to harness their creativity and technical skills to tweak them. In the case of Playstation 5, its design lends itself to playing with many customization options. In fact, here in Hypertextual we have already shown you some. However, the one you will see today is the next level, since its creator completely redesigned the exterior of the hardware to make it slightly more compact.

Let’s be honest, the PlayStation 5 is huge. How many people were forced to renew their setup because the furniture did not have space? As soon as we knew its measurements it was possible to qualify it as the largest console in history. Even surpassing that first version of the PlayStation 3 (Fat). Others decided to place it horizontally, but this position clearly does not do it justice in any way.

So that, Matthew perks DIY Perks, a YouTube channel renowned for its impressive hardware mods, was tasked with giving the PlayStation 5 a design twist. Not only to make it more compact, but to facilitate its horizontal orientation and adopt a retro style. Its appearance may be more or less to your liking due to the carbon fiber wood casing, but no one can help but admit that it did a fantastic job.

Obviously the first step was to remove the internals from the PlayStation 5. They basically got rid of the entire outer casing. The logic board that integrates the SoC was placed on top of a flat mount made of carbon fiber, while the huge heatsink and power supply were placed on top. However, Perks had to figure out how to direct the airflow towards the small VRAM heatsink. This was fixed by adding an additional foam strip.

Later a wooden structure to cover the sides of the new console. Being the digital version, the creative did not struggle with the issue of the disc reader, although it was necessary to create a special mechanism for turning on the console and accessing the front ports. Finally, he turned to carbon fiber again for the surface, leaving some hexagonal holes for the air intake. The result? A Retro playstation 5.

According to Perks, the ventilation system, despite having been modified, keep silent like the one on the original PlayStation 5. Without a doubt, an extraordinary creation.

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