A new Metroid game seems to be for sale at Walmart Canada. As reported by Nintendo Enthusiast, a listing of a generic Metroid game on the Nintendo Switch suddenly appeared on their website. It doesn’t have any details, nor does it have cover art. Hence, we don’t know much about what this game will be about.

There have been rumors floating around recently on Nintendo’s future offerings. One of them, we’ve reported before: a new Donkey Kong Country game made by the same team behind Super Mario Odyssey. There have been rumors on a new 2D Metroid game as well. However, the listing itself doesn’t prove anything, but previous leaks like this by Walmart sometimes lead to actual reveals.

Whether or not this Metroid game will be confirmed as part of the Nintendo Switch, we’ll probably know in a couple of weeks. Rumors point to a reveal of the new Super Nintendo Switch Pro coming up right before E3 2021. If this is true, then the console should be revealed in a couple of days. When that happens, Nintendo will surely have to reveal what new games will be launching alongside the Switch successor. If that’s the case, then the new Metroid game will be revealed in a couple of weeks as well. Whether or not Walmart’s listing will prove to be the same Metroid game won’t matter at that point. What’s important is there’s going to be a new game featuring our favorite space bounty hunter, Samus Aran!

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