The video game industry boomed during the pandemic — people working remotely from home and searching for indoor entertainment options excelled the industry to new heights. However, supply chains for the new generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S remain affected by increased demand and production issues due to the pandemic. Sony recently told analysts that they expect shortages for the PlayStation 5 through 2022, which isn’t good news for PlayStation fans who have yet to acquire the new hardware. 

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Supply shortages have affected both Microsoft and Sony equally, with a few differences. Sony has global supply issues with their production line for semiconductor chips in the PlayStation 5 while also experiencing overwhelming demand. Microsoft doesn’t have the same chip problem, but they can’t keep up with restocking supply either. They release small bulk amounts to retailers, usually posting online during off-hours when people are sleeping or working. It’s already summer, and the new consoles are still selling out within minutes. 

According to a recent Spinnaker poll on Twitter, 31.6 percent of the 19 votes said they couldn’t purchase a new console. 42.1 percent chose the option they haven’t tried, and only 26.3 percent have managed to get one. The results are similar when Spinnaker’s Instagram page displayed the same question in their story. It’s proven to be incredibly difficult for any hopeful gamer wanting to make the jump into the new generation and buy an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5.

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Due to social distancing, the new generation consoles are solely available to purchase online and not in physical retail stores. The online landscape is treacherous. Scalpers have utilized bots to swipe the devices before an ordinary person can even press the checkout button. It’s a mess, and it’s has gone on for six months since the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S back in November 2020. Microsoft is about to implement a pilot program planned to combat scalpers and allow Xbox One users to purchase an Xbox Series X|S directly from their previous generation console. If this sounds like a worthy option, check out the Xbox Insider Hub on the Xbox One for more information. Keep in mind that limited space is available, and not everyone who registers will be selected. 

I have compiled a list of tips to share that I used to get myself a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox Series X. I also managed to snag a couple more for friends and family during the holiday 2020 season. Everyone deserves a chance to get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S if they want one, especially after the difficulties faced last year. I hope this list helps make the process less strenuous, and you can finally enjoy the new console of your choice. 

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  • There are dedicated accounts on Twitter releasing updated restocking information for retailer websites: Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon. Here are a few recommended users to follow. Make sure you turn on notifications, so you are alerted when they tweet. 
  • @Wario64 
  • @mattswider 
  • @GYXdeals
  • @PS5StockAlerts
  • @XboxStockAlerts

If Twitter isn’t an option, I’ve also heard of success stories using the tracking website

  • After finding out the time a restock may be available, head over to the retail website. When you’re on the website, create an account and stay signed into the page. If you aren’t expecting a restock from another retailer, go ahead and create an account to be prepared when it eventually happens.  
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  • When you create an account on any retailer website, it’s essential to add payment and shipping information. It’s imperative not to waste any time when a console becomes available because spending the extra couple of minutes could mean losing your chance to get one. 
Photo courtesy of Pexels.
  • Have multiple tabs open on different browsers as a backup plan. There is always a chance that Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox could be experiencing errors when you need it most. Also, one tab might load faster than the others, so it’s worth a shot. If you’re able, have the retail websites up on different devices, such as smartphones, laptops, Ipad, or desktop computers, to increase your chance of success. 


  • Don’t give up hope and be persistent. Follow the tips I provided, and you’ll be experiencing the new generation of gaming in no time. Good luck!


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