Dormant Nintendo series are always a hot topic for discussion in the gaming world. With so many fabulous IPs in its catalog, Nintendo has unfortunately left a few out to dry. Franchises like Star Fox, Pikmin, Kid Icarus, Custom Robo, Battalion Wars, and many others all go years at a time without new games, much to the chagrin of fans. If you could pick any one of Nintendo’s many quiet franchises for a revival, which would it be? Why? What would you want to see out of that new game?

For me, I need a good, new Custom Robo title. The series has gone over a decade without a new release at this point, even though there is just so much potential for a wonderful robot-customization battling game on Switch. The GameCube game was one of my favorites on the system, both for its fast and fun single-player and the high-octane multiplayer experience. It’s a shame that the series never seemed to take off, and I need more as soon as possible. I’d like for a new title that largely adheres to the formula in place, but I’d of course want more customization, a more robust multiplayer mode, and online play.

What dormant Nintendo franchise would you like to revive? Why that franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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