Let’s clear something up: There’s nothing inherently wrong with God of War 2, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West coming to PS4 in addition to PS5. There’s nothing wrong with cross-generation games at all, in fact, especially if it means more people can play them at a time when new-gen systems are extremely difficult to get ahold of. 

Instead, the concern is how this new revelation reflects on Sony’s credibility, who spent much of 2020 making it very clear that those who made the day one investment in PS5 would be rewarded with exclusive software that harnessed the console’s next-gen processing power. For proof, just look back to 12 months ago, when Sony president and CEO Jim Ryan was asked by Gamesindustry.biz whether PlayStation would follow in Xbox’s footsteps, and make future exclusives available across all of its platforms. 

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