Xbox Game Pass’s robust library, combined with the portability of the Nintendo Switch, would be a boon to gamers who don’t like to be tied to a TV.

One of the many revelations that has come out of the Epic vs. Apple trial is that at some point in the past, Microsoft and Nintendo had active conversations about the possibility of Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo Switch. Although there’s currently no indication that such a thing will happen, the current Xbox Game Pass library would perfectly suit the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Game Pass is subscription service that allows members to access a constantly rotating library of video games. Depending on the tier a member is paying for, players can access these games on console, PC, and/or cloud services. Microsoft even recently began testing bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to iOS devices, with select members being given beta access to the feature. Xbox Game Pass offers well over 100 games for $14.99 a month at most; the obvious drawback is that games can leave the service at any time, which can be a bother if a player is deep into a playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 and realizes they only have a few days before they’ll have to buy the game outright to keep playing.

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Xbox Game Pass has had some big AAA titles in its library over the months, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4. But the bulk of the Xbox Game Pass Library is made up of small indie games, games that don’t necessarily need a big screen to be played. Such smaller titles would be great for the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode, allowing players a wide range of titles they could take with them on the go. A fair number of JRPGs have been added to Xbox Game Pass of late, including Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, and several Final Fantasy titles. Such games work well on smaller screens, as already proven by the fact that many of these titles were on the Nintendo Switch before they came to the Xbox Console.

How Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch Could Work

Xbox Game Pass Nintendo Switch Cover

A drawback of the Nintendo Switch is that its hardware is less powerful than Xbox hardware, meaning it might not be capable of playing every title that’s currently in the Xbox Game Pass Library. But Microsoft has an established precedent of making games available through Xbox Game Pass on some gaming platforms but not others. For instance, not all Xbox Game Pass titles are currently available through Xbox Cloud Gaming, and some games are exclusive to either Xbox Consoles or to PC. Microsoft could curate a selection of titles that would be best suited for the Nintendo Switch; even if only a fraction of the games on the service were available, it would likely be worth the subscription.

One of the big perks of the Nintendo Switch is the ability for gamers to have flexibility in where they play. They don’t have to be at home with a big TV to enjoy gaming; they can take games with them during morning train commutes or while traveling on an airplane. Combining the portability of the Nintendo Switch with Xbox Game Pass would mean that players could subscribe to a service that would allow them to take a deep library of games wherever they went.  That sounds like a match made in heaven.

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