YouTuber CodyCantEatThis specializes in voxel-style 3D remakes of classic games, and his most recent project, the original The Legend of Zelda, might be his most impressive work yet. While he normally focuses on only remaking the first level of a game in 3D, the magic of The Legend of Zelda sucked him in. He ended up spending a few months recreating the game’s entire overworld, its enemies, and the game’s many items. He decided not to build the dungeons for now, since remaking the overworld took long enough on its own, but he didn’t rule it out entirely for the future. The video below walks through Cody’s design process, which required plenty of tweaks to create recognizable, traversable 3D versions of the environments and characters. Oh, and a lot of copy-pasting for assets such as bushes. Check it out.

Fan projects like this are always exciting for any series, but The Legend of Zelda seems to capture the interests of creative fans in a way that few series can match. Whether it’s Hyrule Castle built perfectly in Minecraft or a crowd of animators remaking the Zelda CD-i cutscenesThe Legend of Zelda fans get up to some crazy and fantastic fan projects. Even though it’s not the first 3D rebuild of the series’ original game, Cody’s project is easily one of our favorite Zelda fan projects yet. We can’t wait to see what classic Nintendo franchise he works with next – can you think of any classic 2D titles you’d like to him rebuild?

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